American Armor Looking to Go Mobile

American Armor Looking to Go Mobile

Donors, Supporters, and Friends,

The American Armor Foundation just provided it’s 41st ballistic vest since our official launch in September 2016! This is very exciting news for us and even better news for the 41 officers and deputies across the country who now have the basic ballistic protection they deserve while serving their communities! None of this would have been possible without the generosity of our individual and corporate donors and we cannot thank you guys enough for believing in our mission and trusting us with your gift!

As exciting as the past couple of years have been, we have huge goals for the future of our organization and look forward to exponential growth in terms of grants, outreach, and donations going forward. One specific need in this area that will help us with outreach and PR is a vehicle that we can use in parades, at events, and while delivering body armor. Our goal for any donated vehicle is to have it “marked” with an attractive vinyl wrap that draws attention and conveys our mission.

My research has revealed that other nonprofits have been successful in having everything from brand new vehicles to old patrol cars donated for this very purpose. While we are in no position to be picky, the ideal vehicle would be a pickup truck (larger surface area for the wrap) or a Dodge Charger (in keeping with the police theme) and we are seeking your assistance in making this happen.

Here’s how you can do that:

1. Share this message: Chances are, someone you know may have a vehicle to donate or knows someone who does. This could be someone who works for or owns a dealership, a company with a fleet, or an individual. Vehicle donations are tax deductible! It doesn’t matter where the vehicle is, if it will work for us we will come get it!

2. Donate your vehicle: if you have a vehicle that you believe will work for this purpose and would like to donate it (again, it’s completely tax deductible), reach out to me at 678-300-3357 or via email. As stated above, it doesn’t matter where the vehicle is, we’ll come get it!

3. Donate to our vehicle fund: your tax deductible gift will be earmarked to be used specifically towards the purchase of a vehicle (if one isn’t donated) or the upkeep of any vehicle that is donated.

We know that a vehicle seems like a big ask, but we know it’s doable because we’ve seen it done by other nonprofits serving law enforcement and many other industries. Getting this done will take one of two things: either the ONE right person has to see this or several believers with a few dollars have to see it. Either way, we can make this happen and it starts today with your help!

Thanks, and God Bless,

Brandon Perkins
Founder and Executive Director
American Armor Foundation