Apply For Funding

If you represent a U.S.-based county or municipal law enforcement agency that:

  • Employs 10 or fewer FULL TIME sworn officers;
  • Serves a population of 10,000 or less; and
  • Has officers working patrol duty without body armor or in a vest that has been expired for more than five years,

We encourage you to apply for funding; we’d love to do all we can to help get your officers in new body armor!



Program Information/Policies

  • There is no match requirement. This is a 100% grant.
  • In order to ensure that each donated dollar goes as far as possible, we have arranged special pricing on new Point Blank body armor through SRT Supply. That being the case, we do not issue checks to grantee agencies. SRT Supply will get in touch with you about the sizing process, order your body armor, and send us a bill.
  • Grantees will be provided with a sample press release designed to announce their grant award to their local media. This release should be edited as the agency sees fit and distributed as widely as possible to local media and via social media. This step in the process helps generate interest and, hopefully, additional for future grants.
  • Grantees are asked to provide American Armor with photos of your officers holding their vests once they’re received.